Some rough edges

So, some issues have become apparent while this new site has been up for a day or so.

First, my Atom feed was declaring a <updated> time (with the last-modified time of the file) but I’d forgotten to specify <atom:published>, meaning every entry was shown as having been published at the time of first deployment. Oops. And sorry for folks who just got a deluge of ancient content!

Also, for some reason Disqus is “unable to load” on many of the threads; oddly enough, ones where the permalink URL had changed is fine, but newly-imported things from the old site are seemingly not working. It’s possible I messed up the import in some way…

Anyway, as with all new websites — and in this case, new content management systems — there will always be kinks to work out and things I’ve overlooked. Hopefully things will get ironed out sooner rather than later! Nothing like a good ol' trial by fire here.

Finally! I want to give some big thanks to Packbat who has been kind enough to provide usability feedback (especially on the comics section) and gave some great suggestions for how to improve it. If anyone else has feedback (and assuming Disqus is working on this entry…) please feel free to post some here. Or, if you want to chat in realtime, you can join my Discord. I guess I should also link to that from my front page, huh…

Well, I guess that’s it for now. Thanks for your patience and support!

UPDATE Turns out the Disqus problem was because I was using relative permalinks instead of absolute. Oops.


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