My Dreamhost exit survey

This feels like the end of an era, after I spent so long recommending them and trying to make the best of their services even over the last few years.

RIP, my Dreamhost hosting plan (June 2007—June 2018).

How would you rate your overall experience with DreamHost?

About average.

Why are you leaving us?

I couldn’t accomplish what I wanted to do.

Why not?

Resource limits kept on getting worse and worse over time, procwatch wasn’t even allowing me to install anything on my account anymore without being killed. And your tech support has gotten worse and worse over time. I was with you for 11 years and the first 7 or so were great, but there has been a severe and obvious decline in the quality of your service over the last few years and I am sorry to see things end this way too.

Did you use your DreamHost account to make money?


How do you feel about recommending DreamHost?

I probably wouldn’t.

What could we do to change this?

Bring back your geek-friendly hosting where you understood that some users actually knew what they were doing. Do a better job of rebalancing your resource allocations. Stop pushing a VPS as a solution for everything when your VPSes are also poorly-implemented. Address your massive technical debt. Bring back the Dreamhost of 10 years ago.

Was there anything you did like?

Panel was nice, when it wasn’t buggy as hell.


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