Goodbye Moz, hello Hover!

Today was my last day at Moz. Moz is a great company full of great people, but the work just never quite clicked for me, and it was time to move on.

Fortunately, moving on involved getting a job at Hover, a company that specializes in augmented reality home renovation tools. I will be doing graphics research and development, and a lot of the work will be directly related to my graduate research, as it turns out. I also have high hopes for Hover as a company; Moz was a high water mark in terms of culture and while Hover will have a hard time living up to it, all of my interactions with people there have been amazing and positive.

In one’s career there’s the idea of the “golden triangle,” where you can have a great environment (coworkers, company culture, etc.), great work (job duties, projects, responsibilities), and great income — pick two. It’s very rare to get all three, and it seems like Hover might actually be that for me.

I definitely hope to keep in touch with my coworkers from Moz, though. They’re all such great people.

Anyway I don’t start at Hover until January; in the meantime I hope to finally finish up the video portion of Lo-Fi Beats to Grind Coffee To, get my house tidied up post-remodeling, and generally have a nice, relaxing time. Maybe I’ll take a trip down to Portland or up to Vancouver, since I have some Amtrak vouchers which expire at the end of the month.


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