Webmention is here, ActivityPub maybe next?

I’ve been pretty busy with Publ and Pushl lately, mostly doing stuff to get Webmention support to a place where I’m happy with it (most of Publ’s recent improvements have been with the goal of making Pushl work better with it, although the side effect has been to also improve its cacheability which is a win for everyone).

Anyway, what’s cool about this is I’m already receiving a handful of natural webmentions, in particular on the ActivityPub rant which tells me that a lot of people are looking into ActivityPub for various reasons. (All of the webmentions thus far have been indications of folks “favoriting” it, which I choose to interpret as people agreeing with it.)

While getting this support in (and using IndieWebify.Me to verify my h-card/h-entry markup among other things) I learned about fed.brid.gy, which is a service that will convert webmentions into ActivityPub activity, for sites which configure a couple of request routes. Obviously I’m going to add direct support for that (in a way which will apparently be compatible, conveniently enough).

Anyway, this blog entry is mostly a test of that, because adding the redirection rule was pretty simple.

Update: It looks like fed.brid.gy does not, in fact, support unassociated forced pings. But I can always just add that to my template anyway. Which I guess I’ll do.

Update 2: Looks like most posts are still failing for some reason. Weird. Anyway, you can try subscribing to this site at @beesbuzz.biz@beesbuzz.biz on your ActivityPub network of choice. The site does show up, but I’m not seeing any posts just yet. Hum.

Update 3: Turns out that fed.brid.gy is not intended to federate original posts, but only to send replies and mentions to folks. So, this ended up not being usable yet although maybe it’ll be helpful in the future. Meanwhile, at least I can see what happens anyway.

Update 4: It didn’t work, but it turns out that the use case also continues to be wildly different than what I was expecting out of this. Oh well. I’m sure this is useful for someone… just not me.


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