Kitchen remodel, day 8 actual

Not a lot to show today, but it’s coming really close to completion!


They (temporarily) placed the stove and dishwasher (full installation to happen on Wednesday), and patched the walls, and cleaned up the patches around the wall cabinet and mudded that wall. They also removed the substrate for the old bar top.

Tomorrow they’ll come back to do the mudding of the walls they patched today, and there’s a few more little cleanup items that they’ll try to knock out.

Hopefully the majority will be done on Wednesday! And then on Friday the electrician will finish the range hood wiring. (Hopefully that won’t require any more sheetrock patching afterward! I think we have a plan that will avoid that.)

Right now the stove does stick out a little further than I’d like. That might be fixable by moving the outlet further down (to put it into a little pocket in the back of the stove) but between the 3cm backsplash, the filler trim piece that comes with the stove, and the filler trim piece the countertop folks are supposedly fabricating, that might not make much of a difference anyway. We’ll see how that turns out.

Anyway. The end is in sight, and in theory I could actually use my stove to cook dinner tonight, too. I suppose I could also start loading up my dishwasher, but that seems like a great way to get a bunch of my dishes broken since the dishwasher might have to get propped up on something since it turns out to be a lot shorter than the base cabinets. It seems to be intended to go up on a block of some sort. But I’m sure this is something the contractor has encountered before and he probably has a reasonable solution for it. Too bad we didn’t know about this before the toekicks were cut though.

Frankly I wish they’d waited to do the toekicks last – part of the day 5 mess-up is that they decided they were “done” and cut all the toekicks to size – but those toekick sizes ended up being wrong, with some too long and some too short. So no matter what there’s going to be some cobbling-together. Sigh.

Anyway. Progress. Nearly done. Hooray.


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