She-Ra Season 5 opening titles

Yesterday the fifth and final season of She-Ra was released on Netflix, and it was absolutely fantastic. The whole show is worth watching, and I feel it’s the best cartoon since Steven Universe.

Anyway, one thing that Netflix does is makes it really easy to skip the intro, which is a shame because on this show, the intro changes based on plot-relevant details throughout the season. Let’s take a look!

(Obviously huge spoilers below, you have been warned.)

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Random updates

Just some miscellaneous things that I don’t feel are worth getting their own entries.

  • For the last few weeks I’ve been trying only using shampoo on occasion when I feel that my hair is truly dirty, on the theory that hair does a good job of self-regulating its moisture when it’s not being disrupted constantly. I’m finding that my hair is, as such, much more lustrous and also doesn’t tangle as easily. But it still feels greasy all the time.
  • Today (Saturday) I finally had the courage to go into Patchwerks and I managed to not completely destroy my wallet or make any regrettable space-chewing purchases. It’s a fun shop, and I played with a bunch of neat things including some modular and semi-modular gear, and I got to nerd out about my SIDstation with the folks who were working there (and one of the other customers talked about his MonoMachine as well). I ended up buying a couple of Pocket Operators, specifically the PO-20 Arcade and the PO-35 Speak. They’re both fun to play with.
  • The new Rocko’s Modern Life special (Netflix) was just as frenetic and dissociative as the original show was, but it also had a really good message. Also, yay, positive non-metaphorical trans representation in cartoons!
  • She-Ra season 3 (Netflix) was amazing and intense and I watched it all in one sitting. Hopefully Netflix lets this show keep going.
  • So is Infinity Train (Cartoon Network), which I watched the first half of. The Cartoon Network app for Apple TV is complete garbage though, especially for serialized content. It’s as if they never even test the thing at all.
  • I wonder if HBO Max will be worth it just to get a better CN viewing experience.
  • I keep forgetting how badly bulleted lists work for blog posts.
  • Huh, HBO Max is going to have a Dune prequel series called “Dune: The Sisterhood,” about the Bene Gesserit presumably in the years leading up to Paul’s birth. Interesting.
  • I should have been in bed two hours ago. I wonder if this is why I’m always having fibro flareups these days.
  • Oh and I’m back to using my CPAP again. It seems to be helping for now.

An imagined scene from the future of Steven Universe

For quite some time there’s been a lot of fan speculation that Lars is AFAB and trans, with quite a lot of compelling evidence to that effect. It’s a thing I absolutely believe and I keep on hoping for confirmation in-show.

So, the Very Trans Narrative ending of Season 5 could lead to a future episode (or the upcoming movie) to finally answer this.

Here’s how I think it might happen.

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