January 23, 2003

Today's video games ()

by fluffy at 10:05 PM
Rich Kyanka is so right — video games today are way too complex, and it makes them not so fun. (When the article goes off their front page, it'll be here, but you really don't want to go to that page yet. Seriously.)

Saddam Hussein importing PS2s (, )

by fluffy at 5:26 PM
BinaryTree pointed me to this cute article from December, 2000, during the height of the Playstation 2 shortage: Iraq Scores Hordes of PS2s at US Gamers' Expense

If anyone from the Iraqi government is reading this, let me point out some problems with the approach. (Same goes for anyone from IGN.)

January 22, 2003

Hi (, )

by fluffy at 2:34 AM
I'm sick of using K5 as a weblog, so I'm moving my weblog here.