March 13, 2003

If life were like a movie ()

by fluffy at 8:43 PM
So do you save the world and get the girl
at the end of every day?
Are firefights and men in tights
all the games you play?

If life were like a movie,
would you be the hero guy,
or would you be the villain?
If so, you're gonna die.

March 4, 2003

project idea: recovered drum kit ()

by fluffy at 2:09 AM
Inspiration: the (imo) successful usage of cardboard boxes for percussion on my Fool In The Middle entry

Idea: build a drum set out of "garbage." disused coffee cans for tom drums, baking sheets and CDs for cymbals, and basically anything else which makes a noise when hit and is fairly unbreakable to make totally new sounds

March 3, 2003

Final Songfight version of "fool in the middle" ()

by fluffy at 7:20 PM
Enjoy. :)

(I drove all the way to campus to post this! Wisper fucking sucks.)

March 2, 2003

George Foreman: I love you ()

by fluffy at 8:33 PM
Platonically-speaking, anyway.

Another addendum to the energy drink guide ()

by fluffy at 5:24 AM
KMX blue tastes a lot better when it's not six fucking months expired. It's rather yummy, in fact.