September 29, 2003

Tuna noodle casserole ()

by fluffy at 7:38 PM
Easy to make, filling, and doesn't taste horrible.

Prep time: 10 minutes of work, 30 minutes start to finish

Ingredient cost: around $4

Makes 4-6 servings

September 25, 2003

A tale of two Shoobies (, )

by fluffy at 12:27 AM
While I was in DC, my cat, Shooby, decided to wander off for a few days. He does this now and then, but never has he done it at Delphine's house. Hopefully he's okay...

And then I also just found out that Shooby Taylor who I named my cat after died back in June, but nobody who actually gave a shit found out until September 9th. Argh.

September 23, 2003

Subway ()

by fluffy at 5:55 PM

September 21, 2003

Chain of events ()

by fluffy at 6:15 PM
Sorry it's been so long since I've done a comic. Here's an extra-big one to make up for it.

September 19, 2003

How to make Konamix not suck ()

by fluffy at 5:27 PM
In three easy steps:
  1. Turn off the background character
  2. Put it into "all music select" mode (in "gameplay options")
  3. Turn the background brightness down to 60% or so

September 16, 2003

DDR Konamix ()

by fluffy at 11:22 PM
So, I got my new pads today. I put one onto a revised version of the platforms, and played it for a while. It's a lot different than DDRMax.

12:36 AM I found the six-panel solo mode. You get it by selecting "six panel" from solo mode. Go figure. Man it's hard. But fun, with more interesting play (sort of like an inbetween place between single and double).

September 13, 2003

Splenda and sucralose [updated] ()

by fluffy at 12:08 PM
I thought that the dangers of sucralose were being overstated by the usual suspects of conspiracy-theory wackos who want people to buy into their fad diets and so on, but now I'm not so sure.

September 11, 2003

Spa ()

by fluffy at 12:03 AM

September 5, 2003

Trip ()

by fluffy at 10:16 AM

September 4, 2003

Jesse ()

by fluffy at 10:37 PM

September 3, 2003

Stairs ()

by fluffy at 6:14 PM

September 1, 2003

West Nile ()

by fluffy at 4:58 PM