September 19, 2003

How to make Konamix not suck ()

by fluffy at 5:27 PM
In three easy steps:
  1. Turn off the background character
  2. Put it into "all music select" mode (in "gameplay options")
  3. Turn the background brightness down to 60% or so
The first one makes the arrows much more visible, and lets you actually see the background which isn't quite as static as I thought. (still not as cool as DDRMax's, but of course, the PS1 doesn't have much graphics power)

The third one helps with arrow visibility a little.

The second one is the important one for long-term gaming though. First, it removes the stupid "categories" thing, so you don't have to decide ahead of time which kinds of music you want to dance to. Second (and more importantly), it lets you see the best rating you've gotten for each song on all levels when you're selecting the song, so you know which ones you've done already, as well as which ones you need to improve on. It gives Konamix almost the same level of replay satisfaction as DDRMax. It'd still be nice if it retained the top scores as well, since there's a lot of variation between a low B and a high B, and of course set-total high scores are great for warm fuzzies, but at least now there's an indication as to which songs are still fairly fresh. Not to mention that in "all music" mode it shows you ALL the songs at once using a spatial interface which is even better than DDRMax's, so you can get an idea of how vast the game actually is. (DDRMax uses a similar interface, but it only shows you a small zoomed-in portion of it with a scrollbar which doesn't really give you a sense of scale. Though DDRMax's is nicer for usability since you can actually tell where in the list you are...)

I still haven't explored to see if there's a popularity-sorted view, but I doubt it. I'm sure it has an alpha view (like every other Bemani game since Beatmania 6th Mix) but I don't care about that (I like the standard approximate-difficulty sorting).


#MT1202 broken September 19, 2003 8:53 PM

Just four more days... :)

#MT1203 fluffy September 19, 2003 9:12 PM

I'm actually not that interested in Max2, honestly. It looks like they just brought in the missing features from Konamix and then chose a really shitty songlist, mostly with crappy licensed tracks.