October 31, 2004

New guitar amp ()

by fluffy at 4:51 PM
I finally got myself a guitar amp, specifically the Roland Microcube. $125 at Guitar Center. Has a buttload of built-in effects and amp models, runs for 20 hours off of 6 AA batteries (or indefinitely off the supplied AC adaptor), and is both louder and better-sounding than the huge stupid Kustom bass amp I had back in New Mexico while also being only a couple pounds and fitting in my backpack. Neat.

I got it with the intent of doing performances and donating whatever proceeds I get to various homeless support charities. (I just wanna perform. I already have a perfectly good paying job.) Though it looks like doing it in a subway is more trouble than it's worth, so instead I'll probably just do it in/around Union Square. (Central Park has a blanket ban on amplified devices, unfortunately.)

October 30, 2004

Friday night ()

by fluffy at 2:49 PM
A new comic. (It was a bit too wide to fit into the page layout cleanly this time.)

October 22, 2004

Mini-review: Katamary Damacy ()

by fluffy at 11:50 AM
Namco's on crack. Buy it.

October 17, 2004

Finally have a keyboard again ()

by fluffy at 1:02 AM
I finally got fed up with not having a piano keyboard of some sort, and I went and bought a Casio PX-300, after falling in love with the 400 at Guitar Center, and previously falling in love with the PS-20 (which first opened my eyes to Casio's "serious" digital pianos) when I visited Spud in Seattle a while ago. (The 300 is essentially the same as the 400, just without most of the useless features and no LCD showing the current GMIDI patch name.)

October 13, 2004

Things I learned from the ESRB ()

by fluffy at 2:13 PM

"Finger shooting" is a reference to doing a line of cocaine, even when it's clearly meant in the innocuous "pointing your finger and going 'bang' at someone" way.

"Pablo Escobar" is foul language.

Pixies, fairies, harpies, and other mythical beings are okay, as long as they're not on crack.

October 10, 2004

My DS Shopping List ()

by fluffy at 5:14 PM
When the DS comes out, I will have to buy one, and a number of games for it. Here are the ones I'm considering the most strongly.