April 1, 2005

MC Frontalot in Brooklyn ()

by fluffy at 4:14 PM
To everyone in the New York metro area: My good acquaintence MC Frontalot is having a show tomorrow night (April 2, 2005) at a bar in Brooklyn (C'Fizz aka The Collymoore, at 18 Putnam Ave). $5 cover, $2 beers. I will be there (in the audience, not performing), as will Neill (probably). So all you crazy Internet stalkers can get a triple dose of awesome. (Mostly because Front is worth a double dose and then you can round up the partial incremental doses that Neill and I would provide.)


#5155 kwsNI 04/01/2005 02:07 pm Bummer
    I left NY Wednesday night. Spent the first half of the week in Long Island.
    #5156 fluffy 04/01/2005 03:00 pm
      Dude, you have my email address, right?

      #5179 kwsNI 04/04/2005 10:06 am Sorry
        Got last minute notice I was going and spent all my time in meetings. Left in the morning about 7 and got back to the hotel every night about 10.
        #5180 fluffy 04/04/2005 12:01 pm
          Wow, so your work schedule was even worse than mine.