June 30, 2005

This entry is purely to gloat at Avalon ()

by fluffy at 8:36 AM
Subject: You're invited: Private Screening of Fantastic 4 at the Cinerama on July 6

See the Fantastic 4 before any of your friends! is working with Fox Studios on a major Fantastic Four promotion and, as a thank-you, Fox has arranged for a special, private advance screening of the film for Amazonians at the Cinerama.


Check out our exclusive clip from the movie to get you in the mood.

Thanks -- and we hope you enjoy the show!

-- the Strategic Communications, Content and Initiatives team.

June 27, 2005

Le perk ()

by fluffy at 3:08 PM
One of the many many perks at Amazon is that occasionally we get to go to things called "fishbowls" where an artist or musician or author whose stuff is on Amazon gives a little presentation for Amazon employees. Usually it's just some up-and-coming indie rocker or some motivational speaker who has a new book out, but next month for Amazon's 10th anniversary, the fishbowl is for Bob. Motherfucking. Dylan.

And I can't go because it's the same day as my sister's wedding.

(Of course, I talked about this already but it was buried pretty deep.)

Oh well. Tomorrow there's a fishbowl with Bruce. Motherfucking. Campbell. at lunchtime. Which HELL YES I am going to.