July 30, 2005

The transformation of bad Ikea speaker stands into good speaker stands (, , )

by fluffy at 7:16 PM
A photo journey of the transubstantiation of the useless to the functional:


#6119 Obsidious 07/31/2005 02:19 am
    And it doubles as a midget barstool! Very Happy
    #6120 fluffy 07/31/2005 03:33 am

      Anyway, yeah, the Gåje stands are kind of dumb... normally to mount a speaker on it, you either have to attach it using some velcro (which it comes with), or drill holes into the speakers themselves. My old rear surrounds I used the velcro on, but my fronts were too heavy/big for that and so I just had the other pair taking up space.

      I'd planned on doing a modification like this for a while, and since my rear speakers developed a bit of a rattle a while ago (which I was unable to fix; I think the driver itself went bad) and I finally had enough of it and decided to buy a proper 5-channel matched setup, and the new speakers were definitely too big, since the rears are bigger/heavier than my old fronts.

      So, this way I have some pretty nice stands (with cable routing) which can actually support decent speakers and have great isolation, but didn't cost much at all (basically $62 for all four, plus a bit of time for assembly).

      Audiophile wankers are probably dying to know which speakers I got. Wink I went with Athena Auditions... AS-B2 fronts, AS-B1 surrounds, and an AS-C1 center. They sound great together. They're also pretty inexpensive, for $350 for the whole set at Audio Advisor. (AA always has some great deals on last year's models. I also bought my old fronts there.)

      My old fronts (Mission 731i) will be used in my bedroom, hooked up to the Airport Express, as soon as I upgrade my amp (or I come across a non-stupidly-expensive 2-channel speaker amp). I'll probably sell my old center (which is decent, just not timbre-matched to anything) on Amazon's internal for-sale list, and just give the rears away.
      #6121 Obsidious 07/31/2005 03:33 am
        btw, it looks like you picked up one of those WRT54Gs. How do you like it?
        #6122 fluffy 07/31/2005 03:34 am
          It's fab.
          #6123 Obsidious 07/31/2005 03:38 am
            I recently upgraded to the 4.0 firmware. Stay away from that unless you use IE or enjoy looking through messed up menu options. The changelog didn't come with a notice saying "breaks compatibility with anything that doesn't have the name Microsoft on it" Razz

            The only benefit of the patch was the inclusion of their new SES easy mode security setup, which I don't have any compliant devices anyway.
            #6124 fluffy 07/31/2005 03:44 am
              Yeah, I did the upgrade too... it is still accessible from Safari and Firefox, at least, though not from Lynx which is annoying when I want to remote-configure it, and in other browsers the text labels are all messed up.

              The router was shipped with some pretty old firmware, though, and I wanted to make sure I was running the latest kernel. I'll probably switch to one of the opensource hacks, since they still have all the QoS support and also enable WDS.
              #6128 dusk 07/31/2005 02:34 pm
                If you think yours is bad... I've got a WAP here (Belkin F5D7130, to be specific) that is entirely unusable without Javascript enabled. I haven't looked too closely at it, but it looks as though the only part of the HTML the WAP actually generates is a little bit in the header... the rest is a constant blob of JS involving lots of document.write()s to assemble the page. Surprisingly enough, it actually works with links2 if you enable JS support.
                #9471 jesus2099 (unregistered) 07/12/2007 10:34 am
                  It's funny I made the same thing! Very Happy
                  However, I took a 50mm depth wood and cut it as a rectangle, just a bit smaller than my speakers. So it is invisible. Smile
                  #9472 fluffy 07/12/2007 01:46 pm
                    I'd have done that if I had tools and didn't feel entirely lazy.

                    Also now I only use those for my surround speakers. My front speakers are on some very nice solid-wood bar stools. The other two work as very convenient mini-tables for holding up fans and so on, great during this summer heat wave.