November 16, 2005

Computer keyboards suck (, )

by fluffy at 8:09 PM
Once upon a time, I had severe carpal tunnel syndrome. During this time I went to Hong Kong, and while I was there I discovered a copious number of small form-factor keyboards, which had minimal key travel and were narrow enough that I could keep my mouse at a reasonable location rather than having to either reach awkwardly for the mouse or keep the keyboard off to the side. Within a few months, these keyboards helped me to reclaim the sensation in my fingers. I bought several keyboards, and sold many of them to my computer scientist compatriots back in America, keeping two for myself.

One day I spilled a soda on one of them, and a few years later the other one wore out.

November 12, 2005

Get your idioms right! (, , )

by fluffy at 1:57 PM
It's "Without further ado," not "without further adieu."

"Ado" means "fuss" or "delay." "Adieu" is not a noun but a complete statement which simply means "goodbye."

Why have I been seeing "without further adieu" on weblogs so often lately? It's stupid and wrong and makes no sense in any way! (Unless you're trying to cut a goodbye short.)