February 26, 2006

Finally got a Gameboy SP ()

by fluffy at 4:21 PM
So, Spud got me a few of those ridiculous-number-in-1 game packs from Hong Kong, but unfortunately they're now GBA-only. Even more unfortunately, most of the games on them are actually GBC games, which means they won't play on a DS or Micro. So, I finally got a GBA SP, the new one with the ultra-bright backlight (which really is a thing of wonder, especially next to a DS).

Right now it's charging, but the ridiculous thing about it already is the way it's packaged; it comes in a small, cardboard box, which is then entombed in a large, hermetically-sealed blister pack, which seems to only be there so that a retailer can hang it from one of those hangy posts, but every retailer which carries it keeps it either locked away or inside one of those anti-theft boxes, making it moot!

February 18, 2006

HOWTO: fix a non-booting iPod 5G (, )

by fluffy at 12:35 AM
So, just searching for high-ASCII in id3 tags was finding a lot of false positives (because I do have a lot of valid UTF8 in my id3 tags), so now I've been doing this manually in a way which any idiot can do even though it's kind of tedious. I'd might as well document it here so others can follow in my footsteps if they need to.

This is how you can narrow down which file(s) in your archive may be causing your 5th-generation iPod (with video playback) to fail to boot (or, more accurately, start to boot up but then not get past the Apple logo, and then start over again).

February 17, 2006

Got the replacement iPod (, )

by fluffy at 7:51 PM
So, the replacement for the iPod which refused to finish booting after syncing came today, and it has the same problem, so there must be something wrong with one of my mp3s. Rather than just arnt about it, though, I'm going to narrow the mp3 down so that I can send it to Apple so they can figure out how to handle it more gracefully.

2/18 01:00 If you want to solve this problem without writing an application, check out this handy guide.

February 14, 2006

I NEED: Moving boxes ()

by fluffy at 6:00 PM
Posted to the internal for-sale/i-need mailing lists.

February 10, 2006

Kinesis Maxim (, )

by fluffy at 5:12 PM
So, at work they bought me a Kinesis Maxim. It's actually quite comfortable!

At first I felt like the keyboard action was a bit mushy but actually it doesn't feel very bad at all now that I'm getting the hang of it. Also the actual shape of it is very comfortable and I don't feel nearly as much strain on my arms when I type on it, and also the shape is lending itself to me finally breaking some really bad habits with regards to which keys I press with which fingers.

(Currently listening to: Puce - Bioluminescence)