October 11, 2006

"New" bass ()

by fluffy at 10:59 PM
Today I noticed that yesterday someone posted a for-sale listing for his old fretless bass guitar, and so I emailed him about it expecting it to be sold already. He replied and said it was still available but there were a number of people interested in it but hadn't bought it yet.

So I went over to his office to check it out.

October 8, 2006

Darwinia is incredible ()

by fluffy at 10:54 PM
Yesterday I finally got around to buying Darwinia after having enjoyed the demo. Today I finished it. It's been a long time since I've been so compelled by a game to simply devour it as quickly as I could.

I don't like most RTSes, but Darwinia abstracts away the resource management enough that you hardly even notice it. It also has a great visual and audio style (with music by trash80, one of my favorite minimal electronica producers), and a lot of great little homages to the classic demoscene (it's worth starting up repeatedly just to see the various "bootloader" intros for example).

October 5, 2006

Meta ()

by fluffy at 11:08 AM
Last night I had a dream that someone (my identical twin sister, I think) was lecturing me that dreams were meaningless.

Then I got a haircut at the community college. It was terrible. Then I got to the house that I had just bought and discovered I had an infestation of informational pamphlet droppers.

October 3, 2006

Dear fluffy, ()

by fluffy at 10:54 PM
There hasn't been a "Dear fluffy" in quite some time, but Chris just writes in with this:

Googling for leads on what's been plaguing me for the past six months brought me to your site, specifically this post:
I've been diagnosed with everything from tendinitis to deQuervain's to nerve damage in my neck with no luck so I still hunt for answers. Since your wrist posts seem to end after that one I'm very curious: did anything in that post work for you? Have you had any improvements or progress? Living with this, I sincerely hope you have


October 2, 2006

Now this is just bizarre! ()

by fluffy at 6:39 PM
Last night I had a dream which was pretty convoluted and I don't remember much of it, but one salient plot-point was that for whatever reason, the ACM kept on sending me SIGGRAPH proceedings even though I was no longer an ACM member.

The bizarre thing was when I got home today, I had a large padded envelope from the ACM: which had the latest SIGGRAPH proceedings in it! (Specifically the "full conference DVD-ROM" set with all the papers, sketches, art gallery, and who knows what else on it.)

I haven't been an ACM member for two years and when I was a member it was pretty unreliable as to whether I got the proceedings or not (sometimes I wouldn't get them at all, sometimes I'd get two or three sets). Now that I haven't been sending them money for a while, I'm actually getting this stuff that I don't care about anymore. And having a dream about it before it happens. Peculiar.