December 24, 2006

Animation 403 ()

by fluffy at 9:20 PM
This is one of the things I was working on last night (and am mostly done with now, though I need to draw a person in running and jumping poses): new 403 error page.

I also have a 404 one in the works, and an oh-so-cute idea for a 500 page (for those rare but sunny times that I break something). I can't do the 500 one until I'm back at home though since I don't have my Logic XSKey with me (and so I can't record the song for it).

December 10, 2006

Plaid Siren (, )

by fluffy at 1:26 AM
I may have played a bit too much Paper Mario recently.

December 3, 2006

Ice Cream Snake Eater (, )

by fluffy at 1:23 PM
Snake was in a convenience store with his retarded pal Goro (who was working in the sanitation department) to buy some ice cream, when Superfly Johnson and CJ held the convenience store up. So it was up to Snake to sneak around the shelves of overpriced candy and bust heads.

(Goro like ice cream.)

Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door ()

by fluffy at 12:52 AM
Why didn't anyone warn me that this is the most addictive video game ever?!

This is the first time in a long time that I've had to force myself to stop playing just so I could get to sleep, usually prompted by Mario dying two or three times in a row (making me realize I'm making bad decisions). Darwinia was also this captivating but it was also much, much shorter.