January 16, 2007

Way ahead of its time ()

by fluffy at 2:05 PM
I'd consider this article on transsexuality to be refreshingly progressive if it were published today, and yet it came out in January, 1936!

Obviously a lot of the notions and medical understandings of the day have gone obsolete since then, but the attitude of the author is something I actually agree with, and isn't presented in a "ha ha, look at the freaks" manner that even modern articles about transsexuality still exude.


#8199 Duke of the Bump 01/16/2007 08:16 pm
    Amazing. I wonder what happened to the author.

    It sounds like the sort of thing you could be completely excommunicated from the scientific community for in 1936.

    The cover of the magazine is hilarious, too. Here you have this insightful, honest, open-minded article, and then on the cover, what's the headline? "THE DANGEROUS TRUTH ABOUT PETTING!"

    Ah well, we have to take what we can get, I suppose.