September 17, 2007

Well, I wanted to stay with Speakeasy... ()

by fluffy at 10:36 AM
I was hoping that the buyout wouldn't have any negative consequences for a while, but for the last several days I've tried to order DSL from them several times, and each time I was put on hold without any estimate of how long I'd be on hold. After a few minutes on hold I'd give up.

It used to be that if you called Speakeasy you'd get a CSR right away. I never even knew they had hold music. But I'm guessing that the Best Buy buyout has led to them having to scale up their operations fast without having a comparable scaling of resources and they're prioritizing business customers, and as I expected, the residential side of things has suffered.

AT&T makes it really easy to sign up for service online (and even easier from my apartment's services directory), and the total cost of AT&T voice service (which I guess I need since reception is a little spotty in my apartment) and 6.0/768 DSL is about the same price as 1.5/384 DSL alone with Speakeasy. And my sister has AT&T and it's Reliable Enough. I don't need to run servers anymore, and I don't need 5 9s. So I guess AT&T will have to do for now.


#9833 devtrash4000 09/19/2007 04:05 pm I was wondering about them
    A few weeks ago I tried to check if I can get their services via their web app. At work and at home, on different browsers and all that jazz.

    The page never reloads after I enter my info. So sad.
    #9835 fluffy 09/19/2007 09:55 pm
      Best Buy turns everything to shit.