October 27, 2007

Wow, I finally won at Song Fight ()

by fluffy at 1:25 AM
It only took me close to 7 years, and a split vote in a fight practically nobody voted for (relative to the number of entries, anyway). Hopefully the next win will come a bit sooner.

October 24, 2007

Logic 8 makes me cry ()

by fluffy at 8:58 PM
Tears of joy.

AT&T doesn't understand third-party signups ()

by fluffy at 5:56 PM
Well, the reason for the AT&T issues is pretty obvious now... apparently, since my apartment complex (Avalon Yerba Buena) submitted the work order on my behalf, my telephone account is now in the name "Avalon Y Buena."


(Oh well, the CSR I spoke to was very nice and actually pleasant so okay at least they get that going for them.)

October 8, 2007

Apple TV support ()

by fluffy at 4:44 PM
So, my Apple TV won't finish booting anymore. I went through all the usual diagnostic procedures (as few as there are) and nothing worked. So I went to Apple's support site.

The site is pretty badly-organized when it comes to the Apple TV section. Trying to get information about actually contacting Apple for repair or replacement just led me around in circles. The "request repair or replacement" link sent me to a section of the site which had nothing Apple TV-related.

October 3, 2007