January 5, 2008

The Simpsons Movie ()

by fluffy at 11:41 PM
Not as shitty as I was expecting!


#10323 Vladinator 01/08/2008 05:56 pm
    I really liked it! I liked how characters finally got to say or do something that was totally against type. Flander's last line was precious.
    #10324 fluffy 01/08/2008 06:11 pm
      Parts of it were okay but it still seemed like any modern-day episode, only with more of it. It was so obviously made by going "okay what can we have the Simpsons do which is zany and wacky?" first before trying to write a story. So it's a bunch of detached little zany things connected by a very broken and "wacky" narrative.

      I have a feeling, for example, that the whole sinkhole thing was there solely to give the writers a way to make Homer Simpson dig through the ground while flipping everyone off. And the whole skateboard ride at the beginning (which I forget how it even tied into the rest of the movie aside from giving Bart a reason to seek out Flanders' care) was to make it so Bart could be naked and so they could show a good 5 seconds of flapping wiener. (I wonder if there's any clips on Youtube of those 5 seconds looped for 10 minutes. I'd be surprised if there weren't.)

      The Bart-and-Flanders story was pretty good but it could have filled out a whole episode and made for a very good episode (which would make it the first good episode since Hank Scorpio). Instead it was a disconnected bit of good writing in the midst of a lot of crap.