March 21, 2008

A slightly more than three-hour tour ()

by fluffy at 9:29 PM
In case you don't follow every single little thing I do everywhere on the Internet (and why not? HUH?!) I am playing a number of shows in a couple of weeks. Short short sets, but there are lots of other people playing short short sets (it is a Song Fight thing) and it is a lot of fun.

  • Wednesday, April 2: San Francisco: The Space Gallery at 8:00 PM
  • Friday, April 4: Portland: Imbibe at... uh... some time in the evening.
  • Saturday, April 5: Seattle: Finn MacCool's at 8:00 PM
  • Sunday, April 6: Spokane: Brooklyn Nights at 7ish
  • Monday, April 7: Moscow, Idaho: Student Union Building International Ballroom at 8:00 PM
I believe all the shows are 21+ except the one in Moscow which is all-ages but if you're over 21 what the hell are you doing in Moscow anyway?


#10632 ucblockhead 03/22/2008 08:14 am
    Shit...I was going to go, but realized I can't do Wednesday. (It's my wife's class night, and I'm already bailing on it the week before because of travel.)
    #10633 fluffy 03/22/2008 11:42 am
      Blah. I don't know why Ken (who organized the SF show) likes to have shows on Wednesday and Thursday and so on. I guess it's because those nights are easier to book at venues, because they suck.
      #10640 Jenn666 03/23/2008 04:33 pm
        Yay! We will be there.
        #10716 Linktoreality 04/03/2008 04:12 pm
          So, how did the show go last night?
          #10717 fluffy 04/03/2008 04:23 pm
            It went pretty good! The show was recorded (although it might be a while before recordings surface) and I'm pretty happy with it. Tomorrow night I'll have a better idea about how to do my initial levels so that I won't have to stop a song in the middle to adjust them. Also I need to figure out a way to capture peoples' interest before the intro to Run Faster. Maybe doing a jammy improv thing for an extended "sound check."
            #10721 Linktoreality 04/03/2008 07:26 pm
              Sounds cool. Smile Here's hoping that the rest of the shows go even better!