April 9, 2008

Post-tour wrapup (, )

by fluffy at 10:01 AM
So I'm waiting at the Portland airport for my flight back to San Francisco, and I have a few minutes before boarding begins, so I'd might as well say what I've been up to for the last few days.

Wednesday, April 2: San Francisco

Had the show at Space Gallery San Francisco. It went okay, though felt more like a rehearsal. Pat showed up. My set was Run Faster, tw3rp, Bad Cat (scat version), Baby Be Quiet, Toxic, and Gin or Ginseng. Finally decided that Gin or Ginseng doesn't work in a small crowd.

Friday, April 4: Portland

Flew to Portland, got picked up by a different Pat, hung out with the whole crowd at Pat's place. Octothorpe set went pretty good. Sockpuppet set went pretty good, although I'm sure I irritated the audience a lot by my usual perfectionist fiddliness (for some reason I never had any trouble when rehearsing but on stage it was all like OMG LOOPS R HARD). Did Rhymes With Lucia (which came out incredible, especially considering I'd never practiced it at all!), Run Faster, tw3rp, Bad Cat (scat), Baby Be Quiet. Drove back to Seattle with Sean, and stayed at Spud's place.

Saturday, April 5: Seattle

Hung out at Spud's most of the day. Went to the venue, ran into a bunch of Seattle friends (and said friends ended up filling up the whole front-and-center table which was pretty awesome). Octothorpe set went great. Sockpuppet set went really great, was probably the best performance of the tour. Same setlist as Portland. Also I played drums for Glenn for a few songs at some point. Went back to Spud's.

Sunday, April 6: Spokane

Pat picked me up and, along with the rest of Primitive Screwheads, went to Spokane. Had previously been offered the couch at Glenn's friend's place, but P++ had found a fairly cheap hotel so I decided that it'd make things easier on everyone if I just got a room there. Holy crap was that hotel insane. It deserves a long writeup of its own, although I'm not sure I'm even capable of elucidating it properly so I will just have to link to Pat's story when he gets around to posting one. Sockpuppet set went great (not as good as Seattle but it was actually recorded, and there's a few places where I messed up but also recovered nicely which makes it in some ways better than a set which went perfectly). Octothorpe set went well although at this point I was beginning to cramp. Sockpuppet setlist was the same as Seattle, except I did the jazzy guitar version of Bad Cat.

Monday, April 7: Moscow

Practiced all day at Glenn's place in Spokane before going on to Moscow, ID. Met up with Marcus at the student union building, signed a waiver that the university required us to sign, set everything up. UIdaho's student sound engineers are completely awesome and I wish we'd had them on the whole tour, because holy hell the sound was great and it was great actually having things set up in an orderly and timely fashion. Unfortunately, the Sockpuppet set didn't go so well, but there wasn't much of an audience anyway (the room was crowded for Marcus' set but of course they all disappeared soon after). Ended up bailing out on Rhymes With Lucia (I accidentally started out too fast and decided that since it was basically a sacrificial "sound check" song I didn't need to bother finishing it). The rest of the set went okay although I don't think it was terribly phenomenal; otherwise it was identical to Spokane. Octothorpe set went kind of okay (we ended up cutting a lot of songs short and Mad Dog had lost his voice) but I did my best goddamn On My Block drum solo ever. And it wasn't recorded, apparently. Oh well. Slept on Marcus' couch.

Tuesday, April 8

Had breakfast in Moscow, where I had some pretty good eggs benedict. Long drive back to Portland with Pat. There was an interesting incident which occurred with one of the members of P++ which resulted in the scuttling of an article of clothing. I will not go into any more detail than that. On the way home I tried (and failed) to book a hotel online through's mobile portal and ended up just sleeping in Pat's studio (at Pat's wife's insistence, which I didn't fight too hard). Slept better than on Marcus' couch, for whatever that's worth.

Wednesday, April 9

Went to PDX, wrote a bunch of post-travel entries. And hey, boarding's starting now. Do I have awesome time sense or what?