May 11, 2008

Spokane in a nutshell ()

by fluffy at 1:01 PM
Okay, so, nobody else ever got around to posting a full version of the Spokane experience. I was just reminded of this, and so I figure I'd might as well write it up.

I was traveling with Pat, Max, and Noah of The Primitive Screwheads. One of Glenn's friends had offered me a spot on his couch to crash, but I decided it'd make things easier travel-wise if I just rented a room at the same hotel as P++.

One of the rooms was permanently occupied by a couple of young women, the sort who, as Pat put it, puts the "stop" in "truck stop."

Both women were pregnant, and they also had another baby with them. I know this because when my friends and I got back to the motel after the gig, we got into a conversation with one of them. She was asking if we'd seen anyone trying to break into the hotel rooms, because some guy was going around trying all the doorknobs. She said if the guy ever came around again she'd go "chop-suey" on his ass.

At this point, I decided to retire to my room, which had no working heat, so I ran Folding@Home on my MacBook for warmth and tried to get some sleep.

Meanwhile, Pat and Noah were trying to find some beer, so one of them asked her if she knew where the nearest convenience store was. Her eyes lit up and she said she'd lead the way there. So the three of them went off to get some beer. When they got back, they said that they ended up having to find another store on their own because this woman, who is underage by the way, got in a fight with the "A-rab" (pronounced as in "a rabbit") clerk at the first place, because she was apparently well-known as being underage at that fine establishment and the clerk assumed that she was with some older gentlemen for the purpose of her getting some beer.

The next morning, while we were loading up the car, I noticed that she and her roommate were hanging out on the balcony, both drinking beer and smoking cigarettes, while she was cradling her baby in a precarious manner.


#10872 HeuristicsInc 05/12/2008 07:39 am
    That's quality parenting!