September 17, 2008

A use for the OLPC ()

by fluffy at 8:38 AM
So, I'm selling my MacBook (in anticipation of the new ones coming out in a month or so, since my current one just has the GMA950 which makes it useless for gaming) and so in the meanwhile I'm using the OLPC as my couch computer. In particular, I'm taking advantage of the fact it comes with a VNC client, so it's basically a dumb terminal attached to my G5. Surprisingly, the screen seems much more vibrant when it's channeling a Mac rather than using the rather dreary-looking built-in apps — I always had the impression that the funky low-power diagonal-bias transflective screen led to a crappy color gamut, but instead it's just because freetards have no design sense. (or more charitably they probably don't want to run afoul of cultural color biases or whatever)

This keyboard is still terrible for adult-size hands. I also wish there were a way to scrollwheel from the touch pad like what every modern laptop supports these days. Oh well.


#11291 dusk 09/17/2008 11:12 am
    This keyboard is still terrible for adult-size hands.

    The keyboard is terrible, full stop. A number of the schools using the OLPCs have reported problems with keys getting stuck, or with the rubber cracking and keys peeling off.