January 21, 2009

Superfluosity ()

by fluffy at 7:50 AM
I dreamt I was in a team cooking reality show (along the lines of Hell's Kitchen or Chopped). There were several teams of 5. Our challenge was to taste several sandwiches and then to perfectly reproduce one of them within a time limit. The one we selected was pretty easy because its contents were along a theme (red rye, red onions, beets, red lettuce, and so on). While my teammates happily accepted my input, when it came to actually doing anything, every task was so trivial that I kept getting pushed out of the way, and I ended up spending the whole challenge working on something completely unrelated. So of course, both the presiding chef and myself were concerned about me not doing anything, and I felt that my position on the show was in peril.

Unlike most dreams this one was definitely a metaphor for real-life goings-on.

The other dream I remember was that after spending a hell of a lot of time and effort trying to get a back rack for my bike, and finally getting one which kinda-sorta worked, I discovered that the seller had given me a back rack already which I had forgotten about.