April 25, 2009

I'm fine ()

by fluffy at 9:14 AM
I didn't die. I did have a strange dream about Muni though — due to a miscommunication with a couple friends I ended up in a part of town where it would have taken me 15 hours to get to the place I was supposed to be in half an hour. The place being some sort of "beneficial mad science" convention.

I still feel a little queasy but not like I'm going to make a mess all over the place (on either end), so I guess my lunch plans are unaffected.


#11968 fluffy 04/25/2009 05:03 pm
    I think my dream was prophetic, after the Kafka-esque scenario which played out today as I tried meeting up with friends at a cafe in Menlo Park.
    #11970 HeuristicsInc 04/27/2009 03:13 pm
      glad to hear you are not dead.
      the alluded-to-story, is it interesting?
      #11971 fluffy 04/27/2009 04:31 pm
        Not really. Just a case of constantly changing its mind about the fastest way to get from point A to point B due to Samtrans being a piece of shit, and for some reason it seems to only use Caltrain as a last resort. Plus I had to make a series of snap decisions, i.e. "oh shit that bus that said would be fastest is coming RIGHT NOW and I don't know if I already missed the next train" and they kept on turning out to be the exactly wrong ones.

        Also has this aggravating thing where if you access it from an iPhone it says "this site doesn't work on cellphones, please use the accessible site." Even if you go directly to the accessible site.