May 27, 2010

Jewel of India ()

by fluffy at 7:15 AM
Oh yeah, I'm in this week's Song Fight, as part of The Orange Collective. I played cello.


#13138 dancing 05/29/2010 04:22 pm cool!
    i'm really "inta" your group's Star Of India song. haha. seriously though - i REALLY like it! and of course i like it more because of the cello! where did you learn to play cello? did you play in school? anyway, cool song! OOPS i meant JEWEL of india... sorry, there is a star of india around here so -oops.
    #13139 fluffy 05/29/2010 05:55 pm
      Thanks! I played it in the school orchestra as a kid and took private lessons, but I stopped playing until a few months ago when I bought a cheap one online and relearned how to play.