November 29, 2010

Melatonin ()

by fluffy at 8:36 AM


"Portal of Evil" TV figured out how to make the portal real, and we were able to visit the site where videos were created. So of course we all decided that we'd enter into the living rooms of the worse vloggers. Some did it to harass them, but I did it to set up impromptu social events in their homes so they wouldn't feel so lonely. I couldn't get anyone else to join in on the LAN party though.


An epidemic swept Hawaii, in which people would get a virus which would give them a particular mania. This mania manifested itself as feelings of being incredibly hot, which would lead them to become Realtors so that they could get clients who were selling homes that had cool, dark spaces to sleep in overnight, so they'd have somewhere to nest. There were physical signs of the infection, as well; peoples' noses would get very soft and flatten, which initially led people to think it was just a widespread cocaine problem. The later stages of the disease included seizure and sprouting butterfly wings.