September 2, 2012

Asylum of the Daleks ()

by fluffy at 12:10 PM

Below the cut to avoid spoilering people.

First of all, who DIDN'T see the big reveal toward the end coming? As soon as the Doctor asked about where the milk came from I knew Oswin wasn't going to turn out to be human, and as soon as she handwaved about how she'd avoided the conversion field I knew she was either going to be an insane dalek or a human turned into one.

Also, why would Amy and Rory split over her infertility and then reconcile because Rory says it's okay? You'd think they'd have had a chance to talk about that before they got divorced.

Why are Amy and Rory even in it at all to begin with? They already had a sendoff episode. Isn't it time for a new set of companions yet? (If this were just a one-off with them again it'd be one thing, but they're in the previews for next week's too...)

The extended "DOCTOR WHO?! DOCTOR WHO?!" thing at the end was just annoying. As a one-off joke, sure. As a bellowing refrain to remind us of how "clever" it is, I found it very irritating, especially considering how long the show has gone on without anyone needing more than "the Doctor."

When Oswin deleted the knowledge of the Doctor from every Dalek, why didn't she too forget about him? And what the hell did the Daleks think they were doing at the Asylum planet anymore? Not to mention that this "telepathic network" thing is a completely new (as far as I know) handwave thing that also wouldn't explain why individuals would simply forget things that they knew already, what with Daleks actually being organic critters inside hardened network-linked shells.

Matt Smith's doctor seems to carry the idiot stick a lot more than previous Doctors did. "Converts all tissue, living or dead, into the security system." And then is genuinely shocked when the dead astronauts start to attack (after Amy repeatedly bludgeons the viewer with LIVING OR DEAD?! you said ALL TISSUE, LIVING OR DEAD?!). Bah.

Oh and what with all the "no YOU take the protection field!" thing only to have it turn out that the Doctor gave his to Amy when nobody was looking: why wasn't it a big deal at all that the Doctor was now unprotected?

Also whatever happened to the new-generation iDaleks which had made the previous ones completely obsolete (to the point that they willingly self-destructed to make way for the new ones)? Not that I minded seeing the classic design still, but if you're going to be stupidly consistent about there being a canon (in a show which really didn't need one), at least be consistent about your stupid canon-altering choices!

I keep hoping that some new Doctor Who episode will press a reset button and turn the series back to the fun anthology-style limited-arcs-and-no-overarching-canon thing that it used to be, but instead they just keep on building on the worst parts of the new series and keep digging themselves deeper.

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#15043 lamar 09/02/2012 01:08 pm
    Daleks being "wiped out", and then turning back up again, dates all the way back to "Genesis of the Daleks".

    Also, and this probably wasn't really noticed in the US, but over here they had leaked, then announced that the actor playing Oswin, Jenna-Louise Coleman, would be joining the Doctor as his new companion...
    #15044 BunnyHugger (unregistered) 09/02/2012 11:17 pm
      Totally agree with just about everything you said here. New Who annoys me more and more with the passage of time. I don't expect continuity on Doctor Who to be perfect, but they could at least make a bit of an effort. There shouldn't be any old-school Daleks around at all; yes, showing the Special Weapons Dalek for a few seconds is a great fan service and all, but we had it hammered into us repeatedly that this ridiculous "Time War" thingy wiped out both Time Lords and Daleks "except for all the exceptions."

      I knew Oswin was a Dalek of some variety from a few minutes in; I was disappointed that she wasn't "insane Dalek who thinks she's human because that's better than the horribleness of being a Dalek" but the much safer and more boring "human turned into a Dalek."

      I could rant some but you've already done most of the ranting for me.
      #15045 BunnyHugger (unregistered) 09/02/2012 11:20 pm
        Oh wait, one more thing:

        I agree wholeheartedly with your dislike of the "Doctor WHO?" thing. This is the second time we've had to have that particular brand of cringe-inducing NUDGE NUDGE WINK WINK DID YOU GET IT???? Give it a rest already.[/i]
        #15046 fluffy 09/02/2012 11:45 pm
          I knew Oswin was a Dalek of some variety from a few minutes in; I was disappointed that she wasn't "insane Dalek who thinks she's human because that's better than the horribleness of being a Dalek" but the much safer and more boring "human turned into a Dalek."

          Yeah, it would have been a lot more intelligent if she turned out to have been a Dalek all along, and that's what I was hoping for.

          I was also hoping that the Doctor would end up with a Dalek companion. That would almost make it worthwhile!