September 15, 2012

What happened to Food Network? (, )

by fluffy at 8:32 PM

I used to love watching Food Network, because there were a bunch of cooking shows in which you could learn techniques and how to use ingredients and just plain simple/fast/easy/whatever recipes. Then I didn't have cable for a while, and now I have it again (provided by the temporary apartment I'm in), and good golly it's changed a lot.

Now it's nothing but terrible reality shows where cooks have to make food out of ridiculous ingredients, reality shows where failing restaurants are being refurbished on a shoestring budget, reality shows where failing restaurants' clueless owners are shown how terrible their employees are, and gross food-related travel shows where we get to see all the terrible bad-for-you food that you can buy from truck stops and deep-fryer-heavy diners and whatever. Oh, and there's still Iron Chef America which is at least halfway decent.

But still. Whatever happened to Food Networks shows being about food? Did they just decide that nobody actually cares about cooking, or did all of their actual cooks get sick of things and quit?

From what I can find online, all of their classic cooking shows are still available on the Cooking channel, which is a premium-rate channel (i.e. you're going to pay $100/month for the privilege of watching it).

Oh well. The cooking shows on PBS have always been way better, anyway.


#15060 fluffy 09/15/2012 10:21 pm
    It's sad that you get more recipes from the ads on Food Network than on the shows.
    #15061 devtrash4000 09/16/2012 02:28 pm
      Heh, yeah I can't stand Guy Fieiri or however he spells it, either.