April 17, 2015

Current wrist stuff (, )

by fluffy at 5:15 PM

So I'm in a lot of pain again and my usual techniques aren't working. So I had an appointment with an orthopedic surgeon today, and got the following feedback:

  • The Internet is wrong about tendinosis (among other things)
  • The forearm exercises I'm doing will be helpful, but only after I get proper physical therapy
  • There's more, better stretches I should be doing
  • Gentle, warm, self-massage: good. Massage therapy: bad.
  • While I might be in a lot of pain right now there isn't that much to worry about, and I just need to take it easier (but there's no particular reason to take a leave of absence just yet)
  • I should keep using software to enforce typing breaks, which is a really good idea; for some reason the surgeon had never heard of this before which is a little alarming...
  • Pretty much all hand/wrist therapy is "no better than placebo" so it's a matter of finding what works for one's individual pain

She gave me a much better splint for sleeping in, and scheduled a nerve study in case it really is carpal tunnel syndrome (but it probably isn't), referred me to a physical therapist, and left me feeling underwhelmed and meh. Hopefully the PT will help. I'm pretty much at my wits' end here.


#16986 Jenn666 04/18/2015 12:44 pm
    Argh! I hope you can find a solution that helps.

    For some reason the chain maille jewelry I've been making has helped my wrist issues. I think the way I hold and squeeze the pliers has helped strengthen some muscles in my hand and wrist so the repetitive motions I make typing and mousing or more evenly-distributed? Or something like that.

    Of course mine are much much less severe than yours and generally wearing my brace for a few days calms them down when I have a flare up.