November 26, 2015

This thing still on? (, , )

by fluffy at 1:17 PM

What's happened since June?

  • Album came out, sales were better than any other Sockpuppet album so far but still kind of disappointing
  • Started working with a couple of music placement agencies, but nothing's come of it yet (and I'm pretty sure the first one just took the money and ran, ugh)
  • The thing I'd been working on for a year finally shipped, and I changed teams to a more graphics-oriented R&D position
  • Gave up on trying to get my vinyl pressed via FeedBands, so I signed up for Qrates, where it's been one of their featured projects for quite some time (and I even got a nice note from them) but still isn't getting enough preorders to get made :(
  • My wrists still suck, and I haven't been working on comics. Except I have but it's been going very slowly.
  • I've been completely infatuated with Undertale since the day it came out
  • Still doing most of my blogging over on Tumblr.