July 25, 2014

Entry cull (, )

by fluffy at 12:35 PM

Per my previous entry, I've decided it's best to just unpublish all the old entries which I don't feel are relevant to a wider audience anymore.

Things I am keeping:

  • Recipes
  • Dream logs
  • Customer experience stuff
  • Helpful programming stuff
  • Game design stuff

October 15, 2012

An apology ()

by fluffy at 12:49 AM

To Jay:

I'm not sure how things got so far out of control. There are so many things I could and should have done differently, but I'm terrible at knowing what the right thing to do is in any given situation. I'm not good at handling conflict, and so I try to avoid it, and sometimes my way of avoiding it causes more problems than what I think it's going to solve at the time.

I do not think that we are suitable for one another, and I apologize for hiding away my true feelings for far too long and causing such a catastrophe when the mismatch finally became an issue.

I apologize for thinking that avoiding the issues would make them solve themselves.

I apologize for the way I treated you, and especially for not being up-front about why I was having trouble with hosting you after all. I did sincerely believe that I could make it work out despite my feelings, and it was only at the last moment that the rickety wall holding back all the feelings came crashing down. I apologize for deluding myself into thinking that things could work out until it was too late.

I'm sorry for giving you incorrect impressions, and allowing those incorrect impressions to run unchecked, and deciding it was easier to just let you run with it instead of making sure we were on the same page all along. I'm sorry for following in the footsteps of others who were doing or had done the same damn thing, thinking that made it justified somehow.

I'm sorry for hurting you, and anyone else I hurt along the way. I'm not perfect, but I try to learn from my mistakes, and this was definitely a big one to learn from.

I'm sorry for still being such a coward that I'm only going to post this here and am doing everything I can to never come across you at random, which is the reason I LJ/blog-unfriended and Twitter/MUCK-blocked you to begin with. And I'm sorry for not explaining that until now.

(But for what it's worth, I never blocked you from commenting on my blog or sending me email.)

October 13, 2011

Findra (, , , )

by fluffy at 10:35 AM

Now that the news is public, I'd just like to spend some time reflecting on the good times with Chris (Findra).

November 29, 2004

To everyone who has phpBB installed on their site: ()

by fluffy at 2:04 PM
Upgrade to 2.0.11 now. was just hit by a pretty evil little exploit and was serving up lots and lots of warez, unknown to me until the admin asked me what was with all the rogue httpd processes which were running under my account.

Also, make sure you're not running a bunch of bogus httpds, and that you don't have things like "tmp.php" and "forumload.php" in your forum directory. If you do, there's a bunch of other fun crap to get rid of, like a hidden directory called .cache, and you'll probably also have a bunch of xfs processes running as well.

Dear Warez puppies: haven't you guys ever heard of bittorrent? Jeeze.

June 8, 2003

All is now good in the world ()

by fluffy at 3:30 AM
That was a fucking pain in the ass. But the forum is recovered to its former glory.

phpBB needs a better upgrade mechanism. One which doesn't require the admin to take a crash-course in SQL to learn how to fix the horribly-broken tables.

(If you already had an account, it should still work just fine, though you may need to clear your cookies to get in. Also, all avatar images got deleted.)

Update: Except for that little problem of not being able to post anything. God damnit.

Forums should be fixed (, )

by fluffy at 12:34 AM
You know, it's hard to know there's a problem with something when people don't report that the problem exists. (Apparently something got botched when I last upgraded phpBB, causing registrations to fail. Which is why nobody has registered in months. Joy.)

Update: FUCK SHIT ASS TITS CUNT MOTHERFUCKER COCK MEKROB Golly, something still seems to be amiss. Anyone know how to get postgres to list and possibly drop all tables matching a certain pattern? I think a total from-scratch reinstall is in order. (Don't worry, I backed up all the comments first.)

Update: Fuck it. Just fucking fuck it. All prior comments are lost, and there's nothing I can do about it, thanks to phpBB's fragile database schema and totally opaque configuration, relying on SQL to configure things which really shouldn't be configured in SQL.

I think I'll try Ikonboard. Tomorrow.

June 4, 2003


by fluffy at 3:14 PM
It's summer, I got my master's degree, and I've managed to successfully complete another revolution around the sun within the same relativistic frame as everyone else (more or less). So, you are cordially invited to attend a party at my house on Sunday, June 14, starting around 5:30 PM. There will be a variety of food and drinks, and the usual musical jamming, so bring an instrument (and any necessary amplification/cables/etc.) if you're so inclined. (This time the jam will probably happen in the greenhouse or the living room, and may be broadcast LIVE ON THE INTERNET, just because.)

When: Saturday, June 14, 5:30-ish

Where: Email for address, map and directions (if you'd actually be able to get to Las Cruces on that day and are actually interested in coming)


May 29, 2003

CafePress: Scam ()

by fluffy at 2:40 PM
Just got this message from them.

January 22, 2003

Hi (, )

by fluffy at 2:34 AM
I'm sick of using K5 as a weblog, so I'm moving my weblog here.