Improved iChat Status

Improved iChat status: This modification of the stock iChat proximity script preserves any user-set away/available status setting and message. (last updated: 2005/07/21)

iSync Daily

iSync daily: A simple script to tell iSync to synchronize if more than a certain time period (configurable by editing the first line of the script) has elapsed. Place this in your "returning to the computer" and "connected" proximity events. Intended to be nice and lightweight and transparent. (Last update: 6/5/04; iSync now quits after it's done if it wasn't already running when the script kicked in. Jonas Salling says that this change might cause problems with script timeouts for some people though.)

iSync Now

Sync Now: A simple script to tell iSync to synchronize with the phone right now (and quit if it wasn't already running). Just place it into your phone menu.