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Everything skips like a broken record

9 years ago

The end of the story is in sight! Which means that the end of book 2 is as well!

However, my wrists are taking a turn for the worse again.

Some people have been asking me what my plans for book 2 are. Here is what will definitely be in it:Stories:PlanetfallBreederMeatBlackoutInvasionAdditional content:Endnotes (i.e. the popup text from every comic, just like in Book 1)A Young Sapient’s Hiero Primer

What else may be in it, time/ability/energy permitting:Additional bonus strips with humorous intent (for once)Maps:Inside UnityOutside UnityBonus artworkSelf-deprecating whining

The current plan is to finish Invasion, then post a Kickstarter for preorders. As soon as the Kickstarter goes live I’ll start working on the book itself. Kickstarter backers will definitely get a much sweeter deal than the people who will miss it and will, as such, need to buy copies from Amazon at a later time.

Meanwhile, if you want Book I to tide you over until then, remember you can always buy a copy or ten!


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