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An upcoming meaningless milestone

12 years ago

While I recently mentioned that Unity had reached #150, I completely failed to notice that I’m about to hit 300 comics overall! (not counting fanart or sketchbook entries). As of today I’m at 294 (at the point of unity-154), so unless there’s any intervening comics from other series, Unity #160 will also be busybee comics #300! (Of course, if you want to count sketchbook entries for some reason — and I certainly wouldn’t — I hit 300 quite some time ago.)

Yet another thing my joint archive makes difficult to work out.

Oh and on the subject, I guess I also missed the second anniversary of starting Unity on February 12. Funny, it’s only been going for (most of) two years and it’s already my longest-running strip by far, both in terms of strip count and how long I’ve kept my interest.


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