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A call for book art!

11 years ago

As part of getting the book together, I’d like to have a gallery of other peoples' drawings as an appendix, as is common for webcomics-turned-print. If you want to make some drawings for the book, now’s your chance!

Also, for those who have made fanart in the past, please let me know if it’s okay to put it into the book (because while they gave implicit permission to post it on the site, that doesn’t necessarily extend to printed matter). I’ll be contacting everyone whose email addresses I still have but thanks to the entropic nature of email addresses that might not cover all the bases.

For fanart submissions I can’t promise that you’ll get anything more than acknowledgement in the book and a PDF copy when it’s complete, but if you sign up as one of the limited $5 backers I can guarantee it’ll be worth your while.


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