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Another wrist update

13 years ago

For a while there it was really dicey but I think I’m getting things under control. I just have to take it easy for a while. I’ve done a bit of simple doodling (to appear here over the next few days) just to keep somewhat in shape, and Drake has offered to try finishing the next Unity for me. We’ll see how that goes — I’m pretty optimistic given the fanart he’s done over the years.

On that note, however, I’m definitely not ready to give up drawing for myself. I look at my current stuff and compare it to things I drew even 3 years ago and can’t help but see how much I’ve improved, and when I look at my much older stuff I can’t help but think that I absolutely must keep this up.

I’m still not a very good artist, but when I don’t spend all weekend drawing I feel a massive void. Fortunately I have other projects to keep me busy (music production mostly) but that still doesn’t satisfy me like spending a whole bunch of time drawing comics.


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