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I have no idea what’s going on with RSS

12 years ago

For some reason, Google Reader didn’t pick up the latest comic or newsposts until about 20 hours after it was posted, and LiveJournal hasn’t picked it up at all. This tells me that something’s broken, but I can’t find what. Argh. In fact, it seems LiveJournal hasn’t picked up any entries since the 4th. This is not good.

If anyone knows what might be the problem, feel free to post a comment here. I was messing around with my in-feed ads a bit, but FeedValidator didn’t (and doesn’t) give any problems with it so I don’t think that’s it. Grr.

UPDATE: Looks like the LJ thing was because I broke the redirector for the (really old) URL that LJ was using. Oops. Still no idea on the Google Reader delay though. I’m tempted to just blame FeedBurner for that one.

UPDATE2: The LJ thing is fixed. Sorry to people whose friends pages have suddenly been flooded by a bunch of comics and rambles. Meanwhile, the Google Reader thing seems to just be a momentary Feedburner thing since a bunch of other comics which use FeedBurner had the same problem.


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