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Life goes on

2005/12/06 1:34 AM

I’m still just as busy as ever, so the comics are going to be pared down quite a lot for a while, but in the meantime my wrists are somewhat better now so at least I have the physical capability of drawing once again. Today’s comic was actually done TODAY (just now), too. Buffers are overrated.

Yeah uh

2005/12/11 7:43 PM

I think I’ll just be posting comics as I get them done from now on. RSS is totally the way to go if you want to keep up-to-date. (Obviously this message only applies if you come here the old-fashioned way.)


2005/12/17 8:59 AM

Not that it makes any difference but I’m taking the next week off and am specifically leaving my Wacom et al at home.


2005/12/17 10:30 PM

A new comic, some layout tweaking (to make the link/forum bar a bit more visible and also to make this part of my site more similar to the rest of it), and also, OhNoRobot now explicitly supports more metadata in transcriptions which is why there’s now these “Improve transcription” links everywhere.

‘Course, my wrists are still sucking. But I only used the computer a couple hours today, so that’s an improvement I guess.