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Ascent: 79. Cynthia Roarke-Fanning

2008/05/19 #


I go in spurts

2008/05/19 8:54 AM

Just as a reminder, there are several ways to follow this comic which don’t involve checking the site to see if there’s anything new. For example, there is the RSS feed, which is also syndicated via LiveJournal (see the sidebar for the respective links). Also, if there are buffered updates, you can see when they’ll go live by looking at the calendar (future updates are shown with gray squares).

If you haven’t started using an RSS reader, I highly recommend that you do. They are very useful for tracking a lot of sites without getting overwhelmed. I personally use Google Reader, although a lot of people like Bloglines, and then there’s also a whole bunch of desktop feed readers. You probably have several on your system without even knowing it now, as there’s fairly-capable feed readers built-in to Firefox, Safari, OSX Mail, Windows Mail, and IE7. I’m not just suggesting this for my site, of course — pretty much every major regularly-updated site on the Internet provides RSS as a notification and syndication mechanism. Obviously it won’t replace casual browsing, but it is a very powerful and useful thing for keeping track of sites which update (especially irregularly-updating ones, like many webcomics).