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Maybe an ugly truth?

2009/04/06 12:00 AM

So the few creative edits people made to my wikifur entry got reverted (it’s hard to come up with a winner but I think the one that claimed I was Neil Patrick Harris was my favorite, mostly because that one tiny edit got them banned from Wikifur — if you made that one, let me know so I can send you a CD) so we’d might as well go for accuracy, right? I can’t help but notice that basically every artist/character page on WikiFur is either a stub or filled in to excruciatingly navel-gazing detail by the subject of the page. I think it would be cool if my page were filled in to excruciatingly navel-gazing detail by other people (anyway, my self-portrayal doesn’t have a navel).


2009/04/14 12:00 AM

Yeah, been busy with other things, like having a social life and not getting enough sleep and having righteous indignation at other peoples' righteous indignation (PITCHFORK MOB JUSTICE for the new millennium!). Oh and last Wednesday marked the 300th busybee comic, for those who were expecting a big announcement aside from the one I posted like a week before it went up. So yay for that, I guess.

Extremely busy

2009/04/28 12:28 AM

Real life (work, mostly) has me incredibly busy and tired, so updates will probably be sporadic for a while again (and crappier than usual). It’s best to subscribe via RSS or LJ instead of checking the site manually.

On the plus side, the next several strips are just exposition anyway. EDIT: I couldn’t bring myself to follow through with that plan.