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busybee comics is now on Archive Binge!

2009/10/14 8:27 AM

Archive Binge is a great service which allows you to create a retroactive RSS feed in order to catch up on comics with large archives. I’ve been using it to catch up on a few huge ones that I haven’t been able to dedicate any time to reading, and now my comics are on there as well! So if you’ve been wanting to read my archives but haven’t known where to start, now you can.

It lets you start reading at any point, as well, so if you want to start with a particular series, just go to my archive page, select the series you want to start with, and use its first comic as the start date for the Archive Binge feed.

Anyway, while you’re there, I’d also recommend using it to catch up on Templar, Arizona and featuring Talking Guinea Pigs!. There are a few dozen other comics that I haven’t had a chance to check out yet, either. I’m sure there’ll be something there you like.