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So there it is

2010/02/03 12:00 AM

That’s it for Unity. Right now I have a bit of a backlog of journal comics I want to draw, and I’d also like to take a bit of a break from drawing comics so I can focus more on my music (it is time for FAWM!), but I’m pretty sure to have a lot of other comic stuff coming down the pike, including more stories about Icarus 184-31A. I hope you’ll stick around to see it!

Working on Unity was a great pleasure. I learned a lot about my artistic process, character construction, plotting, and dialog, and I think I’ve grown a lot as an artist over the last few years (and not just in the way Wii Fit keeps admonishing me for). I’m surprised it worked out as well as it did, and how different it turned out from where I started and where I expected it to go. My characters kept me guessing right up until the end.

Eventually I’ll decide how I want to go about dealing with value-added versions; I see no point to selling a .cbz of “as it appeared on the site” (since people can always just use the series browser if they want to read it straight through), but I’ll definitely want to do a full-resolution .cbz (which would be a lot of work to put together) as well as an ultra-special archive of all my source files, various notes, etc. Both of those are going to be pretty big, though, and will fill the better part of a CD and a DVD, respectively, so I’m not sure if a digital storefront is the way to go just yet. We’ll see.