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So how are things going?

2010/04/05 12:15 AM

Can I get you anything? A sandwich? Maybe a nice hot cup of pesto?

I am guessing that my recent comics aren’t terribly interesting, what with the total lack of transcriptions. Oh well.

Cleaning up some template code

2010/04/12 12:12 AM

I’m cleaning up some of the site template code, so if you notice anything weird (broken RSS links, disappearing transcriptions, etc.) let me know.

Slipping updates

2010/04/19 12:00 AM

Sorry for the less-frequent updates lately. I’ve been pretty busy with things that aren’t comics lately (mostly work and having a social life for a change).


2010/04/23 8:31 AM

I mentioned this on Twitter quite a while ago but forgot to mention it here: if you really want to ask me questions in the web 2.0 style, here you go.