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This was supposed to go up last Friday

2010/05/03 12:17 AM

but real life got in the way of getting it done until now. Cliffhanger chapter endings don’t work so well when they come on a Monday.


2010/05/05 9:11 AM

If you want to make your own fonts, this Flash app is pretty darn neat. I’ve been using it to finally make a phonetic Hiero font (just a basic pixel one for now but I’m still learning to use it effectively). It hides a lot of power in a pretty simple interface.



2010/05/05 4:17 PM

I finally got around to adding numbers to all of the past Unity strips' titles, which is something I’d been meaning to do for a while. Everything looks okay but if you notice something funky, let me know.

Changed how transcripts show up on the site

2010/05/14 12:36 AM

Since switching to a WebKit-based browser, I’ve been pretty annoyed at how the transcript popup works compared to how it was in Firefox, and really the old approach was kind of sub-par anyway. The new way should be a bit more clear, especially with regards to transcripts that are missing, and also the old inline-popup thing made Google search results less useful, especially in light of the transcript now always being on the entry’s comment page anyway. I know this is just a bunch of rambling that just amounts to yet another “let me know if something is broken” newspost but, yeah, that.

Unity primer

2010/05/24 12:00 AM

It’s been pointed out to me that some people might be lost trying to read Planetfall without having read Unity first.

Obviously, I’d prefer people to get up to speed by reading it (or at least the textual recap), but if they just want to know what the setting is, there’s a quick primer that explains the setting and, if you want, the major plot points of Unity devoid of any story.

Today is [edit]not the 500th comic!

2010/05/24 8:11 AM

If you count sketchbook/filler entries, today’s comic is the 500th posted to this site! To celebrate, I’ve changed the little “buffer” box at the bottom of the page to track the number of comics instead so that these milestones don’t go as easily unnoticed.

EDIT: Although that also counts guest art. That doesn’t seem quite right to me. So we haven’t hit 500 yet — but we will soon, since I haven’t gotten a lot of guest art! (That was not intended as a passive-aggressive hint but feel free to act on it anyway.)

To the 70 of you who read my comics regularly:

2010/05/26 12:00 AM

Thank you. I appreciate every single one of you.

If you could, though, please spread the word. Just tell one friend or one forum or make one Twitter post about how much you like my comics. It doesn’t have to be glowing or even positive — just anything that causes people to maybe look at my stuff, and decide that they like it, or hate it, or have any sort of reaction to it at all. It would mean a lot to me.