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Current goings-on

2012/02/26 8:02 PM

Okay, in actuality, Lumines Electronic Symphony hasn’t been something that’s gotten in the way of me working (visibly) on comics, since it’s just a way that I unwind when my brain doesn’t want to do anything else. The reality of what’s going on is a bit more interesting, I suppose.

First of all, Werner has been quite a challenging cat to take care of. I don’t mind that I have him, of course, but he is quite a lot more of a handful than I was expecting. It’s taken a lot longer than expected for him to adjust to his new home, and it’s obvious to me just how bad of a fit his previous home was for him (so it’s to his previous owners' credit that they decided to re-home him). But anyway he tends to take up a lot of my free time.

And that free time is pretty limited right now; work has been keeping me very busy (in a good way, mind you). Ever since being made team lead again, I’ve been putting in a lot of hours Getting Stuff Done. It’s also pretty likely I’m going to be spending more time in Japan (especially now that my health issues seem to have cleared up, yay!) — incidentally this makes for some interesting problems with Werner, but I’ll figure something out.

On the comics front, Book I of Unity is now being printed. The Kickstarter backers will get their copies very soon (hopefully within a week), and after those get sent out (and I get around to finishing the Kickstarter rewards, which I’ve been quite remiss in working on) others will be able to buy it online (for, say, $15 + shipping). Also, pretty much on a lark I also made a Kindle edition, if you want to spend $5 on a lower-quality version than what you can read for free online already. It does have the all-new chapter title pages, and the terribly self-deprecating preface, although it doesn’t have the comic notes since I couldn’t figure out a decent way to present those on the Kindle. But for the next three months, at least, that’ll be the only way you can get it in ebook form. If that’s your thing, I mean.

Anyway, there’s a lot of other stuff going on in my life right now but it’s mostly boring. Hopefully I’ll find some time to start working on more Unity comics, as I seem to keep on accumulating story ideas and even writing partial scripts for them! The next one I want to work on is called “Blackout” and I think it’s pretty interesting, although I’m biased, of course.