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A news post

2008/08/28 12:00 AM

It has been a while since the August 14 coloring ordeal. And I didn’t spend nearly as much time as I could/should have on today’s comic but there you go.

Okay um, news news news. I only have one more Womble in the queue right now and I think I’m going to take a break from it (I have tons of ideas for it but I’m not inspired to draw any of them just yet). A new chapter of Unity is starting (insofar as I have chapters per se) and people might be confused or they might not be and maybe people will hate me for it but whatever, it’s my comic so nyah.

Also I just took a couple sips of my homemade vanilla-lime soda and it’s a bit weird. I think it needs more lime.


Oh and also Jazaaboo made this for me although I am not sure if she wants me linking to it since I guess it was just a quick sketch which is unfinished? Anyway she’s awesome.